Monday, March 31, 2008


And there he lay,
His little cheek pressed hard into the rug,
His knees tucked in,
The padding of his diaper up behind
Above the curls,
His hands shoved close against his little chest.
So sound asleep.

He wouldn't cry, to say he missed your kiss.
He only waited, just beyond the hall;
I never even knew until I stopped
To check on him. So sound asleep, so small...

So quiet, when I laid him in his bed:
A little whimpered sigh, but nothing more.
And where he'd lain, I felt beneath my feet
The warmth of his small body on the floor.


Mother of Perseus said...

lovely... the meter is good.
this is? just random... or inspired by ....

don't be emily said...

babysitting...right from life, right then

~im just only me~ said...


don't be emily said...

so what?

~im just only me~ said...

lol nothing, i just wanted to say something... :P