Friday, August 14, 2009


And she is hard.
I knew her once.
That night her lips were cherry red.

(I should have written this before,
The day it all ran through my head.)

There's strength, and there's the strong. And then
there's crabs.
You know, with hard-ass shells.
The skeleton is all outside.
Inside, it's all just gooey wells.

I just don't know.
I understand that wearing hearts pinned on your sleeve
Is too much like the children's games,
Where someone snatches, laughs and leaves.

But this--where did it go? and when?
The words are sticking to my pen.
I'd laughed and said, "You're so hardcore."
She didn't smile though.
"I am."

And suddenly my little life
Just shriveled up and ran and hid.
I'd planned to meet her there.
But where's the girl I knew when we were kids?


don't be emily said...

"It's bull's pizzle, Mr. Barry. Go on, just say it--"

don't be emily said...


Gerry Boyd said...


Mother of Perseus said...

Wow. That one's a thinker for sure. But I like it.
I love how it flows, and leaves me hungry for the next line, to find out the objective of your thoughts. And then it makes me sad, and leaves me to wonder what made you write it.

and the picture is great =)

joaquin carvel said...

I like this a lot. I like how the rhythm & rhyme kind of unfurl. i like the hesitancy and sense of discomfort that exists between people who haven't seen each other for a long time. and i think the third stanza is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully heartbreaking.... Reflects something I once felt...

~Little Cook~ said...

Lol, I know this must sound so fickle, but I like these two lines:

"There's strength, and there's the strong. And then
there's crabs."

As I read it, I pictured "the strong" and then I read "crabs"??? Wha? And I laughed. I wasn't expecting that!

Good poem, great job! :-)

PS: I think of you often and miss ya!

Noxalio said...

more poems please ...

(and, no,
it's certainly not
bull's pizzle)