Saturday, September 6, 2008


"No time to stare at you right now."
No space for eyes, no room to look.
Cannot glance up.
Eyes drag themselves across the book...

I saw that somewhere else before.
That movement, creeping on the line.
Stumble and
rhythmic heart beat'
s anesthetic sign...

Remembered. Ant that crossed the rug.
Frustration, male and angry haste.
Crushed but not killed.
I watched it crawl across the carpet's waste...

Frustration is a bumpy word
To crawl across, at best of times.
I stopped its agony unheard.
Cream polyester.
Black punctation dot to end the lines.


~im just only me~ said...

"Frustration is a bumpy word
To crawl across, at best of times." That's great... as well as the whole last stanza... need to read this some more..

Mother of Perseus said...

I miss you Aloysious.

don't be emily said...

I'm still here, Cricket. :)

Bryan said...

This is wonderful.

Thanks for your comment, too. Hadn't thought of it that way. Always glad to have people teach me that a poem is trying to teach me something I hadn't noticed.

Paul Bernard said...

That's very clever stuff. Impressive writing.

~im just only me~ said...

haha just a fake comment. btw, you cant just change your pic and pretend that you posted or something :P